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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Cork University
(Cork, County Cork, Ireland)

Cork is linked to other Irish cities, especially Dublin and Belfast, by easy-to-follow motorways and an eight-line railway system. Transportation within the city is made easy by well-developed roads and public transport lines.

Travel by Air

Visitors and students travelling by air arrive at one of two airports. Cork Airport is located just 6 km / 4 miles south and is conveniently served by the Bus Eireann line to the Parnell Place station near the Cork city centre. Kerry County Airport is just off the main road between Killarney and Tralee, about 25 minutes by bus from the Parnell station. If you are driving, exit the airport to the N27.

Car Hire and Road Travel

The area of Cork can best be explored by car. One of Ireland's premier attractions, the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, is just a 30-minute drive away. Waterford is only a two-hour ride away and has a decidedly medieval ambience with a Norman tower, narrow alleyways and city walls. Hiring a car gives you the option to explore these localities at your own leisure.

Renting a car in Cork might be a good idea, the city is easy to navigate and there are a number of worthwhile attractions nearby. Many visitors hire cars and explore Ireland from this base. Booking online is the best option for securing a competitive price offered here for principal firms like Hertz, National and Budget.

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Car Parking

The Disc Parking system of Payment is implemented in the Cork City Centre by the Cork City Council. Cars in a Disc Parking area are required to have a valid parking disc. The City Council also provides off-street parking through its multi-storey car parks along North Main Street and Paul Street. Local residents usually have special parking permits.

Travel by Trains and Rail

Cork is regarded as one of the most rail-oriented places in Ireland. There are eight train stations around the city, all operating at various times. The main route is from Dublin. The Glanmire tunnel links it to Kent Station. From here, you can reach services to any part of Ireland.

Travel by Buses and Coachl

The Cork city council (under its flagship Cork Area Strategic Plan) has been improving the city's bus network to ensure fast and efficient transportation for both locals and tourists. There are designated bus lanes throughout the city.

Travel by Taxi

The Cork Taxi Cooperative is a network of taxi cabs that ferry both individual passengers and groups of corporate passengers. Many taxis can also be hailed down in the street, but you must book early (in the taxi company's office) if you want hackney cabs.

Travel by Ferries

For those coming from Northern Ireland and other parts of Europe, ferries are a cheaper but slower alternative. Swansea Cork Ferries runs regularly from Swansea to Cork, as well as to other European and Irish destinations. It takes about 10 hours to reach Cork, docking at the Ringsakiddy Ferryport approximately 16 km / 10 miles from the Cork city centre.

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